Who we are…

We are LIMB  I Life In My Balance

We are an active lifestyle, community driven, clothing and educational company based in Portland, OR. At this time we serve the greater NW region of the United States, and are eager and poised for expansion.

Yet we are for more than just the above.

What moves us is joining you on a personal journey to find and define your own balance. Together we can live each day with passion, zest, and an overall desire to produce positive change.

Employees of LIMB are fueled by supporting people on a quest to find the courage to step out, expand their horizons, and connect with what they are most passionate about pursuing.

It is our mission to create awareness, evoke conversation, and ultimately inspire others to take action.

What’s the truth of who you are?

Are you about creating positive change-the type that happens from within and ignites others?

Have you always wanted to do something significant for yourself, your family, your community, but don’t know where to begin.

LIMB is trekking on an adventure with those who are ready to take a journey of a lifetime. One where they will step outside of their box, embrace adventure, and push their own perceived boundaries. In doing so, you put yourself in a position to realize your potential and find your truth.

What’s holding you back? Do you answer to fear or love?

Go within, come along, and embark on a journey that could change your life forever. Who decides the outcome of LIMB? It’s not just us, but all of us. Our core values know nothing less than the pursuit of a better self and a better world.

Expand your horizons, and create the life you have always wanted. Find your truth, by discovering what you are most passionate about.

It’s time to shine, define, and begin to live in a way that displays your true self.

Don’t just wear the clothes.

Be the impetus, be the inspiration, be the movement.

LIMB Seeders


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We are Life In My Balance. We want you to get out there, take up something new, expand your horizons, and start living in a way that is a true testament of you. Find your balance, live in your balance… Branch out!


The LIMB Seeder Program is extended to unique individuals who exemplify the LIMB lifestyle, and believe pursuing a life in balance is a worthwhile pursuit. We aim to find positive, enthusiastic individuals.


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Portland, OR

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