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We are continually surprised in how we all seemed to have been brought together at precisely the right time. Whether it was through a mutual friend, work, or simply alignment of stars, we are thankful for the crossing of our paths. As we began the LIMB journey it became apparent that we share a commitment to betterment of self, environment, and the communities in which we live. With the understanding that to create lasting, necessary change, the first step is the devotion of time “going within.” It is there where one will begin to understand what brings joy. With courage to follow that inspiration comes the attainment of contentment and, hopefully, moments of true happiness and inner peace. It’s our belief that when the effort is made to live a more balanced life, then not only will growth result, but the world will begin to experience a shift of consciousness as well.

At Limb, not only are we seeking to build a lifestyle brand, but we also aspire to share messages through various social networking sites and our website. These efforts challenge us to pause, reflect, and consider what leading a balanced life means to each of us. With your help and continued support, we will create awareness around a wide range of topics. We intend to evoke meaningful conversation, and, ultimately, to inspire action. It’s through outreach and purposeful action, that we fulfill our souls, inspire others, and, in so doing, improve the world.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy what has quickly become a joy of ours as well.


Nate Heinz: Founder


For a lot of us it’s becoming increasingly difficult to effectively manage a healthy work/life balance. More and more, people express feelings of exhaustion and detachment. They find it difficult to spend quality, focused time with family and friends and in pursuit of what brings balance and enrichment to their lives. Finding all too often it becomes challenging to simply access silence and necessary “distance” from the stressors of modern, commercial, industrial life. I have always enjoyed learning secrets and tips on how to live a more rewarding and balanced life. It proves in an invaluable experience to incorporate and apply the lessons that resonate and bring much-needed perspective. At LIMB, we aspire to produce a lifestyle brand you love wearing! We also hope that you become excited to support the causes to which we align ourselves and the awareness we strive to create. We all look forward to working with-and FOR-you!

Contact: Nate [at]


Brie Heinz: Project Coordinator


Life in my balance means living with respect to the resources I consume. Being in touch with the cycles and balance naturally found in nature brings me peace. I deeply respect earth’s resources and want to see them used responsibly-by all.

With LIMB, my hope is that others will join the conversation, and direct this line into a movement of natural resource awareness. Each of us has the power to make a difference, and with LIMB and through LIMB we can present a collective voice. The movement I envision involves community, a sense of simplicity, creativity, selflessness, and awareness.

Each day I choose to look at life as an opportunity. Obstacles can be used as vehicles for growth; I possess the power to embrace, breath into, and learn from all challenges. LIMB is a reflection of one’s own collective life lessons and their application towards self-improvement.

Contact: Brie [at]


Cimarron Brodie: Creative Tendencies


Life is an illustration of the spirit we seek and the balances we find. It presents a challenge to be true in every moment, and to strive for what we desire most in life.

With that said, as a developing artist for LIMB, I am excited for the opportunity for growth–both personal and professional. With new challenge–from literature to explore to the development of new design concepts–LIMB will serve as a guiding light of how to evolve and how to continue to find balance in my life.

I strive to discover new strength, direction towards purity, wealth of the mind, and movement towards efficiency. Conservation and development can only hope to inspire those around me to do the same.

Be well.

Contact: Cimarron [at]


Corey Cabrera: Maverick Renegade


Similar to the many roles I carry out with LIMB, my life is consumed by an active schedule and constant change. What keeps my life in balance is a combination of supportive relationships, exercise, and realistic goal-setting. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunities that have been presented throughout my life. However, at times, it can seem difficult to simply “maintain”. This is why I have been so intrigued by and excited to co-found the concept and vision of LIMB. For me, LIMB is a constant reminder to challenge myself to make changes towards personal improvement and overall well-being while maintaining a focus on what constitutes a healthy work/life balance.

Contact: Corey [at] lifeinmybalance.comкастрюля керамичекаякак готовить томатную пастуoptionsluxury apartment miamiyoutube translation servicesскачать hitman sniper на андроидцерковь возрождение


We are Life In My Balance. We want you to get out there, take up something new, expand your horizons, and start living in a way that is a true testament of you. Find your balance, live in your balance… Branch out!


The LIMB Seeder Program is extended to unique individuals who exemplify the LIMB lifestyle, and believe pursuing a life in balance is a worthwhile pursuit. We aim to find positive, enthusiastic individuals.


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Portland, OR

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