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The LIMB Seeder Program is extended to unique individuals who exemplify the LIMB lifestyle, and believe pursuing a life in balance is a worthwhile pursuit. We aim to find positive, enthusiastic individuals who have a desire to be actively involved partners with LIMB, and at the same time share their passion for their chosen hobby or sport. If you would like to become a part of our seeder program, or know someone you feel would fit the bill, email us at info [at] We will then send a seeder questionnaire for completion.


Introducing Iris Briand

Surfer, Registered Dietitian “Nutritionist,” and lover of laughter.

Iris is enthusiastic about teaching others how to take control of their health by assisting people with removing the mental and/or physical hurdles that prevent them from reaching our optimal balance. It is Iris’s desire to help create awareness on how to prepare and cook delicious and nutritious food. She does this largely through her own company, Sol Food Nutrition, which LIMB will be partnering with to offer classes and workshops on healthy and mindful eating.

Outside of helping people be more mindful towards what and how they eat, Iris’s next love is teaching board sports. Iris feels most centered when she is surfing, stand up paddling (SUP), or skateboarding. “Board sports promote balance, not only physically and mentally, but also spiritually,” says Iris. Being in touch with her center is crucial to Iris, helping provide her the energy and means to reach her full potential.

Iris has this to say about her personal philosophy:

“I aim to live a waking dream, and am a firm believer that we create our existence through our thoughts, words, and actions. All contribute to playing a role in what our next steps may be. I make it a point to think, speak and act with positivity. By doing what I love, and being surrounded by people that I love, I am filled with joy and laughter on an everyday basis.”

Keep Standing - Nathan Woods

Introducing Nathan Woods

“SUP’er, Balanced, and pursuing JOY in all I do!”

LIMB came across Nathan Woods after a segment that aired on KATU Channel 8 news last August. Immediately, our founder felt compelled to get in touch with Nathan, as he was truly moved by his journey, story, and quest for adventure. We are very grateful we were able to connect, and we believe Nathan has a personal philosophy he lives by which can remind us all of the importance of defining our truth, and defining our beliefs which make up our character. It is obvious Nathan surely spent some time reflecting over our questionnaire, and we are honored to have him as a seeder, and excited to share some of his responses.

Nate lives by a mantra, which is “keep standing”. He believes we are not defined by our circumstances in life, but instead how we respond to them. Whether it be something good or bad, great or even tragic, our reaction is what defines us and what really makes our life what it is. Nate feels most balanced when he forgets, or at least doesn’t focus on all the stresses in this world, and connects with creation. Lately, being on his Stand Up Paddleboard is where he can truly retreat, reflect, and restore his balance. “When balanced, I am a better husband, friend, leader, and man. I am also more creative, ambitious, and most importantly have more JOY”.

Nate’s definition of success is unique, as he has a great understanding, that like balance, we are the only ones that can define what it means to each of us. Here’s what he has to say about how not only he feels society defines success, but himself personally.

Success can be, and I think should be, an individual preference rather than society’s norms or outdated accepted benchmarks. If for you that means a certain salary or job; a number of businesses started, a number of games won, what-have-you, then I encourage you to pursue that. For me, success will be the legacy I can leave on the ones I am closet too. If I can love those I am closest with, inspiring them to live an amazing, joyful story, then at the end of my days, I can call it a success.

We are excited to have Nate as a seeder with LIMB, and looking forward to working alongside each other to plant seeds of joy and positivity. You can learn more about Nathan’s Keep Standing organization, and his personal journey on his website at It is a goal of Nathan’s to help people with life challenging circumstances realize what living a joyful life looks like for them.


Introducing Samantha de la Vega

Warrior, teacher, and lover of a challenge.

Samantha de la Vega’s story is one for which a novel should be written. She grew up in an affluent home in New York City, yet longed for the sense of love and security that comes from a strong, cohesive family. Growing up in privilege with her grandparents, Samantha was so protected that she didn’t step foot in a store until she was 15; however, emotionally neglected and isolated from the world, she spent her childhood years in crushing solitude. In her early teens, Samantha discovered running, which gave her a sense of fulfillment for the first time. She would often run three times a day, first at 4:30 a.m., then again around noon, and again in the evening. Rain, sleet, and snow did not stop her, and she ran in shorts no matter what the weather. Tough conditions made her feel wild, strong, and free.

In 1984, she moved to San Francisco to be near her mother and siblings, but instead of meeting with success in the Golden State, Samantha’s desire for connection to others, landed her in the world of drugs and alcohol.  Eight years of devastating addiction followed, and Samantha nearly died on numerous occasions, experiencing moments of violence and brutality. Overcoming her addiction in 1992 was surely the hardest challenge Samantha had to face yet she describes her recovery as a gift, which returned to her an insatiable love of life.

When you meet Samantha, in just a few moments, you sense the energy with which she lives, as she engages one challenge after another! As an ultra runner, a typical weekend for Samantha could be comprised of two back-to-back trail races at muddy Hagg Lake – a 50k on Saturday and a 25k on Sunday – or a 30-mile run through the woods of the Columbia River Gorge, followed the next day by another long trail run. As an ultra runner, she completes multi-hour runs of various distances, and this year, she has an aggressive race schedule, including multiple races of 50k, 40, 50, and 100-mile distances, through mountainous terrain and sometimes at high altitude. Her goal is to qualify for the The North Face® Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, a high altitude mountain race, which traverses three countries, and begins and ends in Chamonix.

Her story since overcoming and conquering addiction is one of commitment, desire, discipline, and grace. In fact, when asked during our questionnaire what the world needs more of, she picked grace out of a list of four others. I have read her statement on the subject a few times, and more than once have been overwhelmed with emotion; especially considering the life she has known and how far she has come against incredible odds.

The following are her thoughts on grace:

Grace comes when we stop imposing our will on the world, and let things happen. When we’re willing to take what comes, we align our will with that of the universe. It’s tough because life is tough, but only in this space of allowing is there room for grace. What follows is bigger than anything our finite minds can imagine, and life grows in and around us.

In the course of events like ultra running, as in life, we may have to be present for some discomfort, and may have to live in the question for periods of time. It’s the not knowing and the discomfort that allows us to grow in ways we never before imagined. This is grace – the divinity within the experience. The beauty of allowing grace to come in, providing a space for it, is the same place in which compassion, love, and forgiveness grow. We are no longer running from our fears, but acting out of love and devotion to what really is.

Samantha’s energy and spirit are as large as her full and rich life, which includes a successful career, beautiful family, and ambitious race schedule. Her motivation is contagious, and LIMB is excited to pair with her. When asked about her life philosophy, she had this to say: “I lean into life in all its greatness, with reverence for its power, and say yes to whatever comes. I prefer to open my heart to life, rather than to close it in fear. To live in love is to live, whereas to live in fear is to die.” Let Samantha’s words and story inspire us to push our boundaries, stretch our limits, expand our comfort zone….all while living in love, and letting go of fear.

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We are Life In My Balance. We want you to get out there, take up something new, expand your horizons, and start living in a way that is a true testament of you. Find your balance, live in your balance… Branch out!


The LIMB Seeder Program is extended to unique individuals who exemplify the LIMB lifestyle, and believe pursuing a life in balance is a worthwhile pursuit. We aim to find positive, enthusiastic individuals.


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