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January Challenge

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Stretch Yourself January Challenge: Many of us are looking for ways to live more full, adventurous, meaningful lives. In fact, so much so, that we place a large emphasis on New Years resolutions dedicated to putting thoughts and goals into motion. Sadly, while are intentions are often great, our resolutions become an afterthought within a month or so of being born. I know this, because I have lived this story far more often than I would like […]

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Week Four December Challenge

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Week Four (Celebrate) This is the final week to join in and participate in our December Challenge here at LIMB. We appreciate those of you that have been sharing the positive changes juicing has already brought to your life. We ask that you continue to be a part of our challenges in the new year, and begin to encourage others to join with you, and us. Challenge Recap: Week one was a great week of juicing, allowing […]

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December challenge week 3

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Week 3 (CONTRIBUTE) Week three of our Get Juiced-Be Renewed challenge is inspiring others to live a healthier, active lifestyle. Christmas is a time of giving someone something special. Share with us your own homemade or favorite juicing or smoothie recipes so that we can share with our family, friends and community. We will be choosing some select recipes or pictures of your best concoctions on our Pinterest page for you to reference long after the Get […]

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December challenge week two

week two December challenge

Week two (RECHARGE): After a great week of detoxing with green drinks, we will ReCharge in week two with juices high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Join with us as we Get Juiced and Be Renewed the week of December 8th. These juices and smoothies, will help you increase your energy levels and power up your system as you head into the often chaotic holiday season. One particular superfruit you will find stockpiled on store shelves this month […]

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December Challenge

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Ready to give juicing a try? Open to introducing more fruits and veggies into your diet? Join with us here at LIMB as we begin our Get-Juiced-Be-Renewed December challenge. LIMB’s December challenge is dedicated to creating healthy, fun, and energizing juices you and your whole family can enjoy. We’ll even do our best to keep it festive!  Each week of December you will be provided with different recipes and tips to concoct that week’s challenge juice. Simply […]

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Dream Big!

A good reflection to a great day. Hope yours was the same. And if not, tomorrow can always be better. Pass It On. istanbul massage outcallпродажoptionrally scambanc de24option withdrawal timeздесьгде подать объявление

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Happy Earth Day

Earth Day View

Happy Earth Day. Hopefully it was a day of different things and perhaps insightful. Learn more about the world and environment around us…Join in, reflect, and appreciate that which surrounds us.   Here are a few ideas for ways to participate: Earth and Spirit SOLVE Event Other Related Events Enjoy your journey. Your Community in,        translator farsiнаучные пикникикак начисляются алименты в украинеregulated binary options brokers in usaprivateсайтреклама недвижимости

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Come. Join in. Learn. Grow.

7 Ways to Grow LIMB

      Hey There LIMB Seekers! We’ve been appreciating all of the new followers and are so grateful to be growing! Thanks for tuning in. Your support means the world! It’s been such a great start to the year and we are excited for our upcoming plans to take hold and flourish. When we see it. It can happen. As a different introduction to LIMB, we have created this design to share as a way to […]

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The Power in Reflection: The Power of Breath


“Breathe, understand, be the power of love and command of thyself. Be enlightened by presence of mind and truth in surroundings.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Cimarron Brodie apartment for sale in miami flноутбуки aspireреклама гугл стоимостьцены ламинатконфискат автомобилей банки украиныvk-winder.comцерковь возрождение

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January Challenge

It’s a new year! Break free from the shackles that bind you. Free yourself from the prison inside. Try giving up something for a month that you feel has a hold on you. Something small that keeps you away from reaching your long term goals. Could it be television, caffeine, potato chips, social media that takes you away from family too often? Please feel free to share with us here or on Facebook. We wish you luck […]

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We are Life In My Balance. We want you to get out there, take up something new, expand your horizons, and start living in a way that is a true testament of you. Find your balance, live in your balance… Branch out!


The LIMB Seeder Program is extended to unique individuals who exemplify the LIMB lifestyle, and believe pursuing a life in balance is a worthwhile pursuit. We aim to find positive, enthusiastic individuals.


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